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Big Scrubber Gift Pack   Face Mask/Scrub 


A unique face mask that can either be rinsed off or used to exfoliate as it is rinsed off



Rice to nourish and brighten

Oats to soothe 

Ginseng to tone and brighten

Rose-hip for its anti ageing properties

Bamboo to strengthen and tighten

Rhassoul clay to cleanse


It can be used on all skin types, it is a dry product and can be mixed either with warm water for oily skin or oil for dry skin.....or a mixture of both. (Which is what I do). It can be used every morning as a quick brightener (put on, brush your teeth, rinse off) or every week for a longer intense treatment. If you are doing the intense mask it is best to mix with oil as it will take longer to harden. 


Included in gift pack 

Toilet bag with waterproof lining 

approx 20 x 20 cm

Big Scrubber face mask 30g

Bowl for mixing

Mini wooden spoon

10ml Rice Bran oil for mixing

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